Tucker Carlson Lights Up ‘DNC Spokesman’ Acosta, ‘Random Blowhard’ Navarro Over Caravan Coverage


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took potshots at various media figures on Monday night for their rhetoric in discussing the Central American migrant caravan over recent weeks.

Carlson started things off by saying the Democratic Party platform boils down to socialism and open border. Eventually, he referenced the contentious White House fight between President Donald Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta. Carlson referred to Acosta as a “DNC spokesman” and “Democratic flack” for how he pushed back on Trump’s presumption that members of the migrant caravan would storm the U.S. southern border if they continue to approach.

From there, Carlson noted how a section of the border plunged into chaos days ago after several hundred migrants tried to storm into America. As he talked about the tear gas border officials used in response to aggression from the attempted border crossers, Carlson crooned “So that’s what the DNC channels told us were never going to happen and of course, it did happen.”

Carlson went on to mock additional figures on the left and in the media for their “moral outrage” over the force used to subdue the border-crossers. He mostly stuck to CNN though — referring to contributor Ana Navarro as “some random blowhard” CNN deputized to “lecture” America.

“Those weren’t American citizens you just saw getting tear gassed over the weekend. They were migrants. They were holy men on a sacred pilgrimage north. What happened to them was inexcusable. Cue the moral outrage.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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