comScore Tucker Carlson Likens Russian Collusion Theories to Obama Birtherism

Tucker Carlson Likens Russian Collusion Theories to Obama Birtherism

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opened his show Monday talking about expectations that Robert Mueller‘s report is expected soon, before likening Russian collusion theories to birtherism.

“Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and her surrogates in the media attacked Donald Trump for his role in pushing the birther story,” Carlson said. “They didn’t just argue that it was dumb to think Barack Obama was born in Kenya, they said it hurt America. They said it delegitimized Obama as a leader by casting him as an illegitimate president.”

He said those are fair points and “if you don’t like a president’s policies, argue against them, offer a better alternative, don’t claim that he isn’t really the president, that doesn’t help the country.”

Carlson then added that Democrats “have pushed their own, far more harmful conspiracy––the theory of Russian collusion.”

Carlson walked through the creation of the infamous dossier––referencing newly unsealed pages of Christopher Steele‘s deposition––and how it was eventually published by BuzzFeed, recalling his clash with Ben Smith over their decision.

“It was fake then, it is fake now,” Carlson said. “But it still caused an awful lot of damage.”

And when the Mueller report drops, he asked, “how will these people [Democrats] explain to their followers, the people who take them seriously, the NPR listeners, the people who read The New Yorker, the entire audience at CNN, why there’s no proof of collusion in the document?”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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