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Tucker Carlson Loses Cool on Guest, Calls Him ‘Stupid Person,’ Cuts Off Interview: ‘You Know Nothing!’

Tucker Carlson — the Fox News host who most frequently flirts with white nationalism and pushes racist talking points against immigrants — lost his cool on yet another guest tonight, as he called former DNC deputy press secretary Jose Aristimuno a “stupid person” just before cutting off his interview.

Carlson and Aristimuno used the majority of the Tucker Carlson Tonight segment to go back-and-forth on what the US can do with its population of undocumented immigrants. The Fox News host called for more deportations and demanded that employers stop hiring those who are not in the country legally, while Aristimuno talked about the need for immigration reform.

“It’s hilarious that that solution comports exactly with your political goal, which is to create more Democratic voters,” Carlson said after Aristimuno advocated for legalizing undocumented immigrants without criminal records.

“So your answer and many Republicans’ answer is to deport the 14 million illegal immigrants in the country,” his guest shot back.

Carlson continued by telling Aristimuno “you know nothing” about the issue.

After a couple more minutes of bickering, Carlson, who also told Aristimuno “you know nothing” about the issue,  unleashed a heated rant:

“This is just another stupid political talking point from a stupid person… I don’t have time for conversations with people who don’t know what they are talking about and haven’t thought it through and want to come on and spew more talking points and call anyone who disagrees, a racist. Which is what you did in the very first sentence of this segment. Thank you. You are pathetic.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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