Tucker Carlson: Michelle Obama Could End Up as the 2020 Democratic Nominee

Michelle Obama has publicly indicated on more than one occasion she has no interest in running for president. Tucker Carlson tonight said despite that, she could end up being a 2020 contender after all.

Carlson first said that Michael Bloomberg is “too old… too rich… [and] too pale” for the Democrats, before saying, “If you’re wondering who the Democratic nominee will be, don’t bet against Michelle Obama.”

Why? Well, Carlson said, “David Axelrod, who is one of the Obamas’ closest and most loyal advisors, has been waging a scorched-earth campaign against Joe Biden for months.”

And he thinks there’s “no chance” he’s doing that “without the consent of the Obamas.”

Regarding Joe Biden, Carlson said maybe Obama hasn’t endorsed his former VP because he has “other plans”:

“Obama’s presidential memoir was also supposed to come out this year. Now, its release has been delayed to the middle of the Democratic primaries. In other words, at exactly the moment when Democrats will be thinking deeply about how to beat Donald Trump, America will be talking about the Obamas. Coincidence? Maybe it is. Maybe it’s also a coincidence that Michelle Obama just released yet another book last week, one that will require her, of course, to get on the road and talk to crowds.”

Maybe Michelle Obama, he added, is “one of the only people who could unite the party’s warring factions.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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