Tucker Carlson: Millennials Prefer Socialism Because Current System Isn’t Working


During a conversation with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Tucker Carlson, who is currently on a book tour for his new book Ship of Fools, suggested that millennials prefer socialism.

“People under 30 like don’t have cars, they can’t get married, they can’t buy homes,” he said. “That’s a huge problem. Look at the numbers that say half of millennials prefer socialism, it’s like yeah their professors are socialists but it’s also because whatever this thing is that we’re practicing is not working for them.”

“Is that what they call the deep state?” Cavuto then asked. “When people refer to that — there’s these new terms that come up. It’s a deep state. They’re the ones fighting Donald Trump. What is it?”

Carlson continued on by saying there are millions in the executive branch that have their own interests and can’t be fired. But he stressed it was more than that.

“D.C.’s the richest metro area in America,” Carlson said. “Drive from D.C. to Pittsburgh and see what the rest of the country looks like. It’s a five-hour drive and you see places where every car dealership is closed. So, that’s a lot of it.”

Cavuto then asked him about his warning in his book that voters would become vengeful.

In response, Carlson said this: “Look what happened in Venezuela… They’re eating zoo animals. Why is that? Because they didn’t have natural resources? Please.”

He then explained that people looked up one day and realized “nine families control the whole economy, but we still have the vote.” So to punish them, they used their vote to elect Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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