Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN’s Cuomo for ‘Boasting’ About Conway Interview: ‘This is Gold’

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On Monday night, Tucker Carlson slammed CNN’s Chris Cuomo over his fiery, lengthy interview with Kellyanne Conway.

Carlson filled his audience in the latest edition of CNN’s “Russian conspiracy soap opera” regarding Donald Trump Jr.‘s meeting with a Russian lawyer who duped him into thinking she had dirt on Hillary Clinton, but ended up being mostly about adoption. But for Cuomo, Carlson quipped, it was the “story of the century.”

Carlson noted that in the segment of the interview, Kellyanne Conway told Cuomo that CNN has made a “business decision to become the anti-Trump network” and that it was “revealing” that Cuomo didn’t deny it.

“It’s kind of a strong charge since of course that if true would bear no resemblance at all to journalism,” Carlson continued, “and yet Chris Cuomo does not bother to deny that or even seem surprised by the charge, but then why would he because it’s true.”

He then ridiculed Cuomo for ‘boasting’ about “how great he was” on his Facebook page:

“We may start doing just a weekly series of these Facebook posts,” Carlson laughs. “They’re just so good. This is gold.”

He also took a shot at the network for dipping below “Nick at Nite sitcom reruns” in primetime ratings.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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