Tucker Carlson Mocks Environmentalist For Believing Global Warming ‘Spaceship’ Theory

A passionate environmentalist went head-to-head with Tucker Carlson and conservative author Chris Horner on Hannity tonight and, given the copious cult and spaceship references, Betsy Rosenberg handled the debate with relative aplomb, considering she was treated not unlike what one would imagine a creationist would be treated like on an all-liberal panel.

Carlson, filling in for Sean Hannity, came out swinging, initially calling the entire climate change theory a “lie” and posing one major question to Rosenberg: “what weather phenomenon would prove global warming isn’t real?” Rosenberg cited several instances of what she called “climate chaos” or “climate extremes” which made global weather shifts increasingly unpredictable, among them “biblical” floods in Pakistan. “Interesting you should mention the word,” Carlson noted as he turned to Horner, calling global warming “a religion, and one with particularly fervent believers.”

Horner only continued to pile on. “Cooler now means warmer,” he quipped, arguing that climate change was now in a “say anything phase that every doomsday cult encounters when the spaceship fails to come as promised.” Rosenberg then tried to shift gears on her argument, pointing out that China and Russia, among other countries around the world, were attempting polities to try to limit the effects of global warming. At this point, after much crosstalk, a tired but amused Carlson ended the segment, hoping “the spaceship lands” as he bid adieu to Rosenberg.

The shouty panel via Fox News below:

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