Tucker Carlson Mocks Louise Mensch, Democrats Over Speculative Trump-Russia ‘Rumors’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson sparred with Democratic Representative Sean Patrick Maloney over General Michael Flynn‘s 2015 trip to Russia and Donald Trump‘s campaign/presidency’s alleged connections to Russia.

“I want to do more facts rather than fewer facts, but what I am very against his speculating on the basis of rumors,” Carlson emphasized.

The host continued by asking Rep. Maloney about Louise Mensch‘s wild theories about President Trump and Russia: “Are you familiar with a woman called Louise Mensch?”

When his guest replied negatively, Carlson contended that “she seems to be acting as a kind of oppo-researcher for the Democratic National Committee. And she’s made a series of claims about Russian collusion — for example, that Russia ran a sustained campaign against African-Americans in this last election. Does that sound plausible to you?”

Rep. Maloney countered that the Fox News personality was asking about subjects he wasn’t familiar with. Carlson retorted, “Here’s my point: the left, as a group, has embraced the Russia-explains all theory as a kind of unified field theory of everything.”

The New York Democrat underlined that he wanted to know why “senior members of the Trump administration, admittedly, are receiving money from the Russian government. That’s what Michael Flynn did.”

Carlson and Rep. Maloney spent the rest of the segment over the fact that General Flynn wasn’t yet in an administration when he made his trip to Russia.

“Far be it for me to defend the actions of General Flynn, but he was not, in point of fact, a member of the Trump administration when he received this money,” Carlson said.

The politician replied, in part, “So you’re not concerned that the national security advisor received payments from foreign governments and lied about it, because it was a couple of weeks before?”

Carlson shot back, “You’re doing exactly what bothers me — which is, you are taking a known fact; and then, spinning it into something that is false. He was not a member of the Trump — look, you know, a private citizen does many things that are very different from what a member of an administration does.”

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