Tucker Carlson Mocks Outrage Over Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remarks: ‘Sickening and Hypocritical’


Tucker Carlson led his show tonight by hammering away at the “elites” and moral superiors in the media who have expressed condemnation for President Trump’s remarks about “sh*thole countries.”

Carlson vigorously defended Trump last week when the president’s remarks first came to light, and on Monday evening, he snarked about people who have argued that all immigrants are “more impressive” than American citizens, regardless of origin.

“The question is, do they really believe that?” Carlson asked. “Do they really think that all standards are arbitrary and racist and everyone from everywhere is exactly the same level of awesome? For an answer, ignore what they say, take instead a close look at how they live.”

Carlson proceeded to compare the immigration to college admittance and schools like Harvard who are highly-selective in the students they take in. Carlson also invoked corporate hiring by noting that major companies don’t have a diversity lottery because they’re not looking for unskilled workers with impoverished backgrounds.

“The one thing none of them care about is America, which is why they’re demanding standards for our country they would never apply to themselves. It is sickening and hypocritical and we’ve had enough of it. Going forward, we’re going to push this country’s elites to live by the standards they espouse…

The truth is, our ruling class supports our current immigration policy because for them it’s upside. They’re not standing in line in crowded emergency rooms or sending their kids to chaotic public schools or competing for jobs for people that work less than they will. For them, open borders mean cheaper labor and bountiful household help, and above all, the sense that unlike you, they’re good people. They care. They’re not bigots like the voters in Kentucky and Ohio. What the rulers need is a strong dose of reality.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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