comScore Tucker Carlson on CNN Controversies: ‘I Still Have Friends There, I Think They’re Dying’

Tucker Carlson on CNN Controversies: ‘I Still Have Friends There, I Think They’re Dying’


On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson and The Hill‘s Joe Concha (a Mediaite alum) slammed the media coverage of President Trump‘s second trip overseas.

Among various MSNBC clips, he pulled one of CBS reporter Major Garrett reacting to Trump slamming the media, saying, “American presidents traveling abroad typically uphold American values such as press freedom and the institution of the presidency. Mr. Trump for his own reasons did not.”

“[Trump] just gave a speech defending Western civilization and freedom of expression, but now the press is telling us it’s ‘unpatriotic’ for him to criticize them?’ Carlson mockingly asked.

In response, Concha pointed to “selective outrage” and used a tweet sent out by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for his example.

Concha said he checked the Twitter feeds of Trump’s noted critics and that “no one seems to be condemning” her breaking their own set rules.

Carlson then asked if it was a “longstanding tradition” to not criticize cable news anchors overseas, to which Concha said Trump was “exercising his First Amendment right” and noted that he was asked about CNN’s latest report regarding them tracking down the man behind Trump’s wrestling tweet.

Concha listed all of CNN’s recent controversies, but instead of doing any self-reflecting, they’re “playing the card that they are the victims here.”

“I would say this is the worst stretch in the 37-year history of CNN,” he stated.

He then pulled a tweet from CNN political editor Chris Cillizza of him overreacting to an edited clip of what appears to show the First Lady of Poland “snubbing” President Trump when he reached for a handshake, but the full clip shows them shaking hands immediately after.

“Here you have Chris Cillizza, who is an important person there, not understanding that there is so much scrutiny around this network right now that when you put out fake videos like that with false editing, it only leads to the perception that CNN is ‘the opposition party,'” he continued. “And that is why when a Harvard study comes out, 93% of their coverage of the Trump administration is negative, this only feeds into the narrative that CNN’s not acting like the impartial, objective network they claim to be.”

“I still have friends there,” Carlson reacted. “I think they’re dying. This is so embarrassing for them.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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