Tucker Carlson Rant Expresses Outrage Over Leaders Pandering to ‘Thugs,’ While ‘Normal People’ Need Permit to ‘Put a Deck on Your Own House’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson offered up a bizarre tirade against unnamed “authorities” on Friday night, which began by attacking these ambiguous elites for allowing “masked lunatics” and “thugs” to confront police and riot in Minneapolis and elsewhere across the county and that finally ended with him expressing disgust at the “demand you get a permit to put a deck on your own house.”

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, who died in police custody after one Minneapolis officer, since charged with murder, pinned his neck to the pavement for nine minutes, protests have spread across the country, some of them destroying property and setting fire to a police precinct. Carlson railed against these scenes and said the people shown in the streets were being given a free pass to burn, vandalize, and rob without consequences — and the country’s leaders were now abetting them.

“Which side of that war have our leaders taken? Watch carefully and it will become obvious,” Carlson claimed. “The rioters in Minneapolis and other places, act as if they’re allowed to loot and burn, and in fact they are allowed. No one stops them. The authorities don’t arrest them and instead the pander to them, flatter to them , desperately trying to win their love.”

“Why are masked lunatics setting fire to Wendy’s? ‘Because the rest of us are sinful,'” Carlson said in a mocking tone, before taking subtle jab at the Trump administration for not cracking down on the protestors. “That’s what our leaders tell us. The crimes of the mob are the punishment we deserve. That’s their argument. Many seem to buy it. On a White House executive staff call just this morning, key domestic policy advisers Brooke Rollins and Jeron Smith argued that it might seem racist to say anything about the rioting in Minneapolis. Better just to let it happen, so that’s what they’re doing. We should have seen this coming.”

“The game is rigged. Why are the rest of us still playing?” Carlson asked. “We have more power than we think we do. Our system only functions because dutiful normal people, people with self-control and decency and above all a sense of responsibility toward others created our system. They sustain the system. They pay the bills. None of the thugs looting Target or the well-placed nihilists on television egging them on have added a thing. Yet all of the destroyers expect this arrangement to last forever.”

“The authorities clearly don’t care about you. The police won’t show up to save your life. Literally,” the Fox host outrageously claimed. “When the mob comes commit they are gone. You are on your own. That is true. Those are the facts. We can’t change them, all we can control is our own behavior. Should you keep playing along with all of that? Ponder that the next time they demand you get a permit to put a deck on your own house. Or the next time you write a tax check.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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