Tucker Carlson Reads Out Lyrics to John Mayer’s ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ in Shouting Match With Guest


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson chatted about “toxic masculinity” with a liberal commentator on Monday night. And, like many such conversations on his show, the discussion ended up getting loud and going around in circles before it inevitably crashed and burned.

Carlson had Anushay Hossain on for a conversation about John Mayer — the singer who recently took time during a concert say that men need to do away with the “bullsh*t” alpha male contract” and be more sensitive to women. As Carlson asked Hossain to explain toxic masculinity to him, the host took things in a weird direction by invoking lyrics from Mayer’s song Your Body is a Wonderland.

“One pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue.”

Hossain said that Mayer has said some offensive things in the past, but called him a case study of how men can evolve and change. Hossain noted that Mayer wrote Wonderland to be about his girlfriend, and Carlson asked why she isn’t calling for Mayer’s arrest.

When Hossain argued that Mayer is a singer and not a Supreme Court justice (an obvious reference to Brett Kavanaugh), Carlson responded that such changes in the standard are all about the quest of Democrats to amass political power. Carlson dismissed toxic masculinity as a “dumb feminist term,” and that eventually led to the conversation’s collapse into a shouting match.

The two sparred about what toxic masculinity is supposed to mean as a concept, and whether there’s any such thing as “toxic femininity.”

Carlson ended the segment by laughing to himself, calling the whole thing “hilarious.” Certainly a more polite display than cutting the mic on people or taking last-second pot shots.

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