Tucker Carlson Reports on West Virginia’s Drunk and Disorderly Raccoon Menace


At the close of his show on Thursday night, Tucker Carlson warned of the menace of drunk raccoons that are staggering around a West Virginia town.

“There’s a strong public service component to the show and we have reportedly warned you about the threat that zombie raccoons may pose to this country,” Carlson said with a serious look. “Raccoons don’t have to be zombies to be a danger. In the state of West Virginia, a new crisis has emerged, drunk raccoons. Police in the town of Milton, West Virginia, are warning residents there about staggering and disoriented raccoons who are roaming the streets. Officers say the animals have eaten fermented crab apples and become intoxicated.”

He added: “So far the drunk records and the zombie raccoons have not made contact or mated but the situation is fluid and will be monitoring it for developments.”

At least two of the drunken raccoons have been caught according to Milton Police and were allowed to sober up before being released.

No word how many of raccoons were involved in the drunken snackery.

Watch above, via Fox News

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