Tucker Carlson Ridicules CNN for Suggesting That Trump’s Wrestling Tweet Was ‘Dangerous’


On Monday night, Tucker Carlson mocked CNN for their reaction to President Trump‘s tweet of him beating up a CNN logo he sent on Sunday morning.

He called the tweet “a little confusing” because CNN and pro-wrestling “could not be more different.”

“One is an entertainment venture that promotes over-the-top fictional narratives and rigs its fights,” he began, “the other is the WWE. But whatever!”

The Fox News host called the tweet “trolling,” which he simply defined as “the digital version of getting someone’s goat.”

While he did admit that President Trump should “probably not” take time to from running the free world to “drive the media insane,” he pointed out the overreaction from several CNN personalities, including Ana Navarro, who said the tweet was “inciting violence.”

He then turned to CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter, who asked Twitter PR if his “dangerous” tweet was in violation of their terms of service, which “forbids the incitement of violence or harassment.”

“Brian Stelter argued that the video is so offensive, that we ought to suspend the free expression and censor the president’s speech, at least on social media,” he continued. “It’s kind of an odd argument for a journalist to make, but there you have it.”

He then pointed out the media’s hypocrisies when it comes to “putting lives in danger” and cited Chelsea Manning‘s leak of classified information or when they leaked information about the Manchester bomber, which caused a dustup between U.S. and U.K. intelligence as examples.

Carlson concluded that “so few reporters care” because it “was not about them.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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