Tucker Carlson Rips ‘Semi-Obscure’ Rick Wilson for Mocking Trump’s ‘Ten-Toothed Base’; Wilson Fires Back


Last night we reported on Republican strategist and frequent cable news pundit Rick Wilson saying the wall promise has been a “con” from President Donald Trump to his “credulous rube 10-toothed base.” Tucker Carlson tonight went on a tear against Wilson in response.

Wilson was the main focus of a segment Carlson did on media condescension to Trump voters. Carlson called Wilson “a semi-obscure consultant who’s held just enough low-level political jobs that cable television producers can bill him as a Republican strategist.”

“Wilson seems to spend most of his life opining in one of those 6-guest shout-fests in boxes that the other channels specialize in. He’s often shouting the loudest. What makes Wilson notable like so many on the left he’s moved on from hating Trump to hate people who voted for Trump,” Carlson continued.

And after playing his comments last night, Carlson said, “What a cruel and awful thing to say. Does it ever occur to Rick Wilson that people who are losing their teeth might benefit from cheaper dental care? Maybe Washington could help with that. But no, It’s easier to make fun of them and get rich doing it, something that Wilson specializes in.”

Before the segment aired tonight, Wilson revealed on Twitter he was contacted by Carlson’s show and offered a response:

In response to the segment, Wilson was mostly amused:

You can watch the segment above, via Fox News.

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