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Tucker Carlson Runs Roughshod Over Rep. Eric Swalwell: ‘Why Are You Obstructing?’

Tucker Carlson had a sparring match with Democratic Congressman Eric Swallwell on Monday as they talked about whether Tony Podesta‘s decision to step down from his lobbying group is the biggest Russia scandal of the day.

Podesta resigned as the head of his eponymous firm since their work on behalf of foreign interests have been scrutinized as part of Robert Mueller‘s investigation into Russian election meddling. As John Podesta‘s brother stepped down, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort faced indictment today for charges such as conspiracy against the United States and his unregistered work as a foreign agent.

Swalwell was on to argue that George Papadopoulos‘ guilty plea is a tangible sign that Russians messed with American democratic institutions, and someone from Trump’s camp wanted to work with them. Carlson responded by looking at how Manafort’s past work intertwined with the Podesta Group, and he asked about why there isn’t more congressional transparency for lobbying on behalf of foreign interests.

Swalwell argued that he was focused on exposing Russia’s actions in 2016, though he had a hard time getting a word out since Carlson steamrolled him with questions about why Congress doesn’t allow for more public disclosure on foreign lobbying.

“It’s almost like Congress has the special carve out where you can do whatever you want and no one knows,” Carlson said. “Why are you obstructing? Why don’t you demand that Nancy Pelosi order every Democratic member who met with the Podesta Group on behalf of Ukraine to admit it.”

When Swalwell asked if he was diminishing the importance of democracy coming under attack, Carlson turned the heat up even further:

“This is our Democracy being attacked. It’s Congress, our legislative body, in which you serve, met with Russian agents and they are not telling us who, and I don’t know why. At the very moment, we’re talking about ‘what did Russians due to hack our democracy.’ You were part of it.”

The two continued to throw down over about whether Congress covers up their interactions with foreign agents more than the Trump campaign did.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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