Tucker Carlson Says GOP Midterm Peril in Florida and Texas Result of Immigrants


Tucker Carlson said on Fox News Tuesday night that immigration and changing demographics might be the reasons why some of tonight’s races have become so competitive.

Carlson began by talking about how the Florida gubernatorial race between Andrew Gillum and Ron Desantis is too close to call in the polls at the moment. Carlson offered two reasons for a Gillum victory: immigration and the economy.

Here’s what Carlson had to say about the former:

“Immigration has changed Florida in a recognizable way. The California of 30 years ago was solidly Republican, so was Florida. They now have different people living in them and so they have different electoral results. That has taken place beneath the notice of most people paying attention.”

In terms of the economy, Carlson connected this to young people struggling financially and also to Gillum’s “ludicrous” approach to universal health care. Carlson continued to critique Gillum while Martha MacCallum acknowledged the Tallahassee mayor’s successful grassroots campaign, and eventually, he brought up immigration again when he moved on to the state of the midterm elections in Texas.

“I think maybe the hard left economic issues are a little more popular than we want to think they are. I think that’s ominous, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Why is it that Beto O’Rourke for example – I think will probably lose tonight – but he’s coming a lot closer than he should be in the state of Texas. Again, two causes: immigration has changed the demographics of Texas, and two, some of this populist economic stuff is more popular than we want to think it is.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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