Tucker Carlson Says Ruling Class ‘Hyped and Manufactured’ Khashoggi’s Death to Push Their Own Goals


On Friday night, Tucker Carlson went after the “ruling class” for their reaction to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Carlson began by slamming the “usual head-nodders” on cable news who seem “stunned” that Saudi Arabia is responsible for Khashoggi’s death.

“They could hardly believe that a bloodthirsty, medieval theocracy would do something like this. ‘Really? The Saudis?’ The same people that cut off the hands of thieves and behead adulters in public parks? The same regime prosecuting one of the world’s cruelest wars in one of the poorest countries, Yemen? You’re telling me those people murdered a political opponent? It doesn’t sound like the Saudis we know.’ C’mon,” Carlson said. “Of course they did it. We knew they did it. Their only concern is they got caught. Now they have been caught and they probably regret the whole thing. All of it makes sense, none of it is surprising. What is confusing is the wave of the false posturing on display from our own mindless ruling class.”

The Fox News host then claimed that the ruling class is telling us that Khashoggi’s death is “somehow the most important story in the world,” more so than the larger number political opponents killed in China or the children that starve to death at the hands of the Saudis in Yemen.

“More than that, they’re telling us it’s a moral litmus test, the latest of a long series of the moral litmus tests delivered to us by fiat on cable news,” Carlson continued. “‘Support this. Don’t support that. Otherwise, you are bad person.’ That’s the message of almost every show, ‘share my beliefs or you are damned.’ In this case, this is confusing because these are the same people, the ones commanding you to hate the Saudis who just months ago were uncritically repeating Saudi talking points right from the embassy,” pointing to the U.S. airstrikes on Syria as something the Saudis wanted.

He then said this: “Spare us the theatrics now.┬áThis is a stunt. It’s an international incident hyped and manufactured for domestic political goals.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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