Tucker Carlson: Sexual Assault Survivors Who Don’t Come Forward Are ‘Part of the Problem’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson said sexual assault survivors who don’t come forward and name their abusers are “part of the problem,” since they have an “obligation” to inform the public about such crimes.

“If [Brett Kavanaugh] actually a sex criminal we have a right to know that and [Christine Blasey Ford] has an obligation to tell us. And I know it’s hard but why don’t we have the right to know?” Carlson said on tonight’s airing of his show. “If there’s a rapist on the loose, if you don’t tell anybody, if Bernie Madoff rips you off and you don’t tell his other investors, you’re part of the problem, are you not?”

Carlson prefaced the comments by pointing to the case of Kavanaugh and Ford, saying that if it impacted her so much that “she can’t fly in airplanes” and has struggled with relationships with men, then she should have said something decades ago when it happened.

“Doesn’t she have an obligation to tell someone to stop him from doing that if he is in fact a sex criminal?” he asked. “Where is her obligation here? What about the rest of us?”

Ford accused Kavanaugh of attempting to sexually assault her when they were high school students in the early 1980s.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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