Tucker Carlson: Should We ‘Rethink Immigration’ from Muslim Nations over Paris Attack?

Tucker Carlson asked this morning if it’s time to rethink immigration policy and stop people from nations where Islamic extremism exists from entering the United States. He said on Fox & Friends that while obviously most Muslims are good, decent people, the Paris shootings remind everyone that there’s a religious problem going on and there is a part of Islam that “has gone completely off the rails.”

He also questioned that maybe France “is having these problems because it has the largest Muslim population in Europe.” Carlson tied it into immigration and asked this provocative question:

“Is it time to rethink immigration policies in Europe and––by the way, also here in North America––to pay attention to the country of origin. Is it a good idea to let a lot of people from countries where violent Islamism is rife come to this country? What do we get out of it?”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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