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Tucker Carlson Slams The Media, Lindsey Graham For Refuting Spygate: ‘They’re Liars’

Tucker Carlson ripped skeptics of “Spygate” for dismissing the possibility that the FBI had an informant interacting with multiple members of the Trump campaign.

He began by slamming the media’s “predictably dishonest” response, flagging CNN’s Don Lemon when he insisted that President Trumpdoubled down on his baseless claims” CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin when calling it a “fake issue,” and MSNBC analyst David Corn labeling it a “phony baloney story.”

“They’re liars,” Carlson reacted.

The Fox News host then slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), calling him a “barometer of mindless conventional wisdom” for saying that a “confidential informant is not a spy.

“Well, Senator Graham did not explain what exactly a ‘confidential informant’ is if not a spy because, of course, they are one and the same,” Carlson said. “A confidential informant is someone who is informing confidentially, in other words, spying. And any senator who pretends otherwise is prevaricating, or in other words, lying.”

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino continued with the pile-on, slamming the “Pravda media” for “pretending to be journalists,” accusing them of being part of the “most dangerous coverup” he has ever seen.

“Every serious person in law enforcement- I said serious by the way, in law enforcement that I know, not the hacks out there trying to cover for this, knows what happened here was a spying operation!” Bongino exclaimed. “S-P-Y, S-P-Y-Y if you’re Joe Biden. This was a spying operation, period. Full stop. Anybody telling you otherwise is joking around and crewing you over.”

“It’s amazing that they’re going along- I mean, it’s one thing to see Nancy Pelosi defend the indefensible, that’s what she does. But to see reporters- a lot of whom I’ve know and am friends with and have known for a very long time- they’re lying about this. And I actually find it shocking,” Carlson later told Bongino.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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