Tucker Carlson Snaps at Dem Lawmaker in Testy Interview: ‘Giving People Like You Power Is Frightening’

This was certainly something.

Following an interview with Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Colton Haab in which the teenager restated his claim that CNN scripted a question for him at last night’s town hall — something CNN has denied — Fox News’ Tucker Carlson welcomed on Democratic Florida State Senator Gary Farmer to discuss the Parkland shooting.

And right off the bat, things got very testy.

With Carlson bringing up recent news that the armed resource officer at the school seemingly froze in terms of engaging the shooter, Farmer was asked why he was trying to strip citizens of guns to defend themselves considering the government failed them. The Dem lawmaker said he agreed that “the government has failed us in allowing the proliferation of assault weapons.”

And off to the races we went.

Carlson snarked that he realized Farmer had an agenda, causing Farmer to hit back and exclaim that Carlson had one as well.

“My agenda is to tell the truth and to make sure people can protect themselves because it’s pretty clear from the repeated failures of government, local, state, federal, FBI, local police, armed security guard, that the government didn’t protect those people and they died,” the Fox News declared.

And on and on it went, with the two men going at each other. To his credit, Farmer didn’t back down, pointing out that he knew Carlson likes to “interrupt people” and that they have “two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

At the end, after the two had talked over each other long enough and Farmer pushed Carlson to “continue the narrative,” the conservative commentator ended the interview by sternly stating the following:

“Here is the narrative. The government as I said at every level — this is factual, not my opinion —
failed to protect those students. You will not concede that and instead turn it on innocent civilians. 39 times to his house, whatever, giving people like you power is frightening. That’s the bottom line. I’m out. Because I can’t get a straight answer from you.”

With that, he cut Farmer off, moving right along to a conversation with frequent guest Mark Steyn.

Watch the whole exchange above, via Fox News.

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