Tucker Carlson Tears Into Joy Reid Over Her Trump SOTU Criticism: ‘It’s Nihilism’


This evening, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson began his program by taking shots at MSNBC’s Joy Reid over her harsh criticism of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union.

Stating that Trump’s address was largely ordinary and included “broad appeals to national unity,” something that most Americans agree with and like. He then went on to note that Democrats and the left hate Trump so much that they will not support policy positions that they normally would applaud.

“In the modern party, everything Donald Trump is hate speech — even things Democrats once agreed with,” Carlson said. “He has changed the Republican Party but not nearly as much as his administration has changed Democrats.”

Tucker then pivoted to Reid, highlighting a tweet she sent last night during the SOTU in which she claimed Trump was calling “on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism.”

“Think of that for a second — police, military, love of country are now tropes from a bygone era,” the Fox News host declared. “Most Americans consider them the pillars of our organization. Without those things would you want to live there?”

He continued, “Those words disgust them. This is not a political resistance. It’s not about Donald Trump. It’s nihilism. To tear down what you did not build. It’s rage at your father translated into political terms. It’s a politics that elevates all that is ugly and decadent. It’s a sickness and once you catch it you’re apt to say things like this.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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