Tucker Carlson To Fox & Friends: Media Matters Planned To Hire Investigators To Spy on Steve Doocy

The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson was a guest on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, and discussed the series of reports his site is putting out on Media Matters.

“We have all kinds of information from inside Media Matters,” Carlson said, before reading an email he obtained that revealed a strategy by the organization to vilify Fox News:

“The e-mail begins by pointing out that — I’m quoting — the progressive movement needs a new enemy. George W. Bush is gone, ‘We don’t have John McCain to kick around anymore.’ They need someone to hate, and the idea is that Fox News makes a convenient group to hate and raise money against.”

“One of the ideas in this memo is to send private investigators to look into the personal lives of Fox News anchors, reporters, staff — this includes you, Steve — and also network executives,” Carlson explained, adding that part of the plan included gathering research, attacking Fox News on social media, putting yard signs outside homes, putting moles inside Fox News, and hiring Michael Moore to make an anti-Fox documentary. “The list goes on,” Carlson said, “of ideas to discredit Fox.”

Carlson described the Media Matters plan as “over-the-top,” while Doocy pointed out that part of the plan was to dig for dirt on producers and behind-the-scenes people in efforts to try to discredit the network.

Watch a clip of Carlson’s appearance below, courtesy of Fox News:

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