Tucker Carlson: The FBI Was ‘Too Busy’ Chasing Down ‘Bad Facebook Trolls’ To Stop School Shootings

Tucker Carlson opened his show Friday night by taking a brutal swipe the Department of Justice.

The Fox News host began by reacting to the newly-announced indictments of 13 Russian nationals from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. While he admitted that the alleged actions made by these Russians were “annoying,” Carlson didn’t believe they were “momentous.”

“Here’s what’s not in the indictment: any evidence at all that any Russian behavior changed a single vote or did anything to sway the election in any direction,” Carlson said and pointed to remarks made by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein at a press conference Friday afternoon to back him up. “Close to 20 people have been indicted by this investigation so far, still not a single piece of evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Putin. Collusion, you remember, was the reason we supposedly needed this multi-year, multi-million dollar investigation in the first place, the one that has basically grounded Washington to a halt and put your concerns on the back burner. And yet the evidence unearthed so far suggests the opposite of collusion.”

Carlson then blasted the FBI for their failure to prevent the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida after they admitted that they received a warning about the gunman in January and tied their shortcomings to the Russia probe.

“But at least we know what our federal agents have been doing recently, why they were too busy to stop school shootings––they’ve been chasing down bad Facebook trolls,” Carlson continued. “If only someone had told them Cruz was talking to Vladimir Putin, they would have been on it, presumably.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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