Tucker Carlson Wonders Aloud if He’s Getting Punked in Bizarre #CalExit Segment


While much of the news over the past 48 hours has revolved around Anthony Scaramucci’s ouster, revelations that President Trump dictated his son’s initial statement on the Russian lawyer meeting, and an explosive lawsuit alleging Fox News and Trump worked together on a debunked Seth Rich story, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson decided to begin his program tonight debating a #CalExit leader.

And by the end of the segment, he was wondering if he’d been punked.

Mentioning that a ballot referendum to make California an independent country could come up for a vote next year if it reaches enough signatures, Carlson welcomed on Shanker Singham to discuss the issue. And, as one would expect, the segment was pretty much off the rails as soon as it started.

The two kept going back and forth on the pros and cons of California seceding from the United States, with Singham asking Carlson why he and others really cared if they left considering many on the right think of Californians as “snowflakes” and “hippies.”

After a few minutes of this, with Carlson trying to seriously debate Singham on the merits of #CalExit, Carlson suspected that things might not be on the level after his guest made some off-the-wall comments about immigration and the middle class.

“Dude, I don’t know if this is like, I have never met you,” Carlson exclaimed. “I’ve never heard of you. If this is a parody segment — you’re punking me. Or you are really high, and telling the truth, because high people do that.”

He added, “Bottom line, are you serious?”

Carlson’s Fox News colleague Dana Perino also wondered if Tucker was getting taken for a ride on live TV:

And there’s legit reason to be wary. Last month, Fox News host Jesse Watters was fooled by a YouTube personality who passed himself off as an Antifa member.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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