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Tulsa Deputy Robert Bates’ Training Was Supervised by Accused Murderer

Last week when he apologized for the accidental death of Eric Harris, 73-year-old reserve deputy Robert Bates attempted to explain how he’d been certified to serve as a law enforcement official in Tulsa, Okla., and casually mentioned that a supervisor had signed off on his training, and that said supervisor was “now in jail for first-degree murder 40 miles east of here, in Mayes County.”

Holy crap how did we all miss that?!

The Daily Beast didn’t, and dug into the records of former deputy Warren Crittenden, discovering that the pro wrestler-turned-deputy sheriff was kicked off the force in 2011 after he was arrested and charged with murdering a pimp.

As the Beast recounted:

With two out-of-town escorts he’d been advertising online, [the pimp, Michael] Jones tried to make a play for a 27-year-old woman named Pamela Taylor, whom he met at the Hard Rock Cafe & Casino. They left together for the Super 8 motel. Once inside Room 228, Jones gave Taylor $20 and “demanded sexual favors,” but Taylor “rebuffed” him, and Jones turned hostile, forcing her to run, according to a police report.

Then she called for help, and Crittenden, along with a trio of thugs, stormed the room to “rough up” Jones. The fight led to gunfire, and Jones was fatally shot in the chest, according to police.

Crittenden claims he was forced at gunpoint to participate, and said that he’d attempted to go to the police to tell him of his role. The Beast also uncovered other allegations of questionable behavior, like visiting strip clubs in uniform, having sex with prostitutes, and using his squad vehicle to have sex with said prostitutes. (In an interview, Crittenden added that he suffered from PTSD as a result of a home break-in in 2008, and that he planned to sue the Tulsa County sheriff’s department for firing him without cause. (According to the Beast, he was fired because of the prostitutes.)

Questions about regarding how Bates, a septuagenarian millionaire, managed to be certified as a reserve deputy sheriff who could serve on the city’s elite drug task force. Bates is currently facing manslaughter charges for accidentally shooting and killing Harris, a wanted drug dealer, with a gun instead of a Taser.

Read the full piece here.

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