TV Anchor Finds Out About Friend’s Suicide While Reporting It Live

An anchor at Taipei’s Next TV News was put in the unfortunate position this week of reporting her friend’s suicide as a breaking news update. Lee Chingyu received the report live on the air and discovered what had happened to friend and colleague Erich Shih as she read the news.

Chingyu’s voice begins to break as she reveals what happened, but managed to maintain her composure throughout the short report.

Below is the translation of her report as it appears on YouTube’s closed caption subtitles:

“Breaking news just in. It is reported that the CtiTVs news anchor Erich Shih has been found today in his house, committed suicide with a plastic bag over his head. There was no note. His wife has become extremely distraught since she found out the fact. The case is being investigated by the Taipei City police department. We will keep you updated.”

Watch video below, via YouTube:

[h/t Daily Dot]
[Photo via screengrab]

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