TV Commentator Demands Jews Return Gold Stolen During Biblical Exodus

Ammar Ali Hassan, a political scientist in Egypt, dropped a classic “Let’s Blame The Jews” line during a July appearance on an Egyptian talk show, and demanded that the Jews return all the stuff they’ve plundered from Egypt — including the stuff they took during the Exodus.

“We know for a fact that Moses was in this land,” he tells the host, according to a MEMRI translation, over weirdly ominous music. “Most of the Jews who left Egypt to wander in the Sinai desert were the Jews who defied Moses and rejected his preachings. When they left, they stole Egypt’s gold and treasures…This is why the Jews have plundered this country all the time — beginning with the theft of Egypt’s gold during the days of Moses, and culminating in what they did to our economy before the 1952 revolution.”

He concluded: “We demand that they return the treasures they stole from us, including the interest they denied the Egyptian economy for many decades.”

Technically, every translation of the Book of Exodus says that the Egyptians gave the Jews all their treasures. But suing Israel over biblical events isn’t an unheard-of concept: another Egyptian columnist called for the Jews to compensate the country for the financial and emotional suffering caused by the Ten Plagues.

Watch below, via MEMRI:

[Image via screenshot]

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