TV Crew Laughs On-Air as Oakland Shooter Paints Male Genitals on Car

On Friday, the suspect (since detained) in a shooting at Oakland, California’s Bishop O’Dowd High School, seemingly aware that he was on camera, did some strange things. First, he pointed his gun at the news helicopter, seemingly threatening the pilot. Then, he took out a can of spray paint and…drew a pair of breasts on a garage door? Moments later, he turned his attention to a nearby car, where he decided to tag the hood with…a penis and testicles?

On KPIX-TV in San Franscisco, the anchors didn’t quite know what to make of it. “You can see him out on the driveway, here,” she said. “He has…what he’s shaking in his hand is a can of spray paint, [which] he’s spraying graffiti with on this car right here. “At that point, the crew audibly cracked up laughing, and they cut away from the footage. While the footage of the shooting suspect was not live, it was seemingly not closely screened before it made air.

Check out the whole clip above.

[Photo: KPIX-TV screen grab]

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