TV Host Regrets Calling Dallas Killer a ‘Martyr’: ‘I Wish I Had Chosen Another Word’


Mediaite founder Dan Abrams has been guest hosting Dr. Drew‘s show on HLN this week, and last night, he engaged in a tough exchange with Kalyn Chapman James over her Facebook video calling the Dallas cop killer a “martyr.”

James, a Florida TV host and former beauty queen, became a center of controversy this week for an emotional video where she said she felt “guilt” that she wasn’t feeling sad about the five dead officers, and that the sniper died fighting for his beliefs. James said the video was part of her way to sort out her emotional struggle, but Abrams pressed her and asked if she regretted characterizing Micah Johnson as a “martyr.”

“I wish I had chosen another word, I just have to take responsibility for the word I used at that time,” James said. “In hindsight, I look back and I could have used a different word. I definitely didn’t use that word to raise him up, glorify what he did or condone any actions he took against those police officers.”

Abrams confronted James about the fact that she admitted she wasn’t feeling sad about the cops who died at the hands of the sniper. James responded that she didn’t want to “become numb to the senseless killing of anyone,” but Abrams pressed her on how she’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot.

“If the tables had been turned here and someone had used the language you’ve used here, but turned the tables on it, you would be furious,” said Abrams. “If I were to come on and say ‘I’m not sad about two people who died’…you would say, are you kidding me? What are you talking about you’re not sad!?’

You can watch how James responded in the video above, via HLN.

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