TV News Anchor Has Twitter Jokester Arrested, Finally Drops Charges Before Xmas


This is an interesting story of a TV news anchor perhaps taking a social media jokester too seriously.

After a two month ordeal, charges have finally been dropped against Martin Pierro, 41, a South Florida comic publisher who spooked local CBS anchor John Discepolo with a tweet mocking the newsman’s stereotypically grim-sounding news tease.

The unfortunate situation began in late October, when West Palm Beach-based WPEC anchor Discepolo tweeted:

Pierro mockingly tweeted in response:

Discepolo didn’t recognize the common joke made at local TV news’ expense, and so he pushed back on Pierro:

Pierro clarified for the anchor that he was just making a joke…

…but that wasn’t enough to quell Discepolo’s fears. The newsman had Pierro arrested and charged with intimidation through a written threat to kill or injure. He was arrested on Dec. 6 and released the next day on $5,000 bail.

The CBS anchor took a big hit on social media, with users attacking him as “pathetic,” “thin-skinned” and a “wuss,” but eventually charges were dropped last Friday, just in time for Christmas week.

“I received a call from my attorney,” Pierro told WND. “Trust me, when a lawyer calls, your heart tends to sink a bit… [but] she told me that I was going to have a Merry Christmas after all. She informed me that the charges against me had been dropped. I was nothing short of ecstatic.”

Now that charges have been dropped, Discepolo fends off social media users who believe he wasted tax dollars by having a man arrested for what was clearly a joke. He told one user it’s a “mute” [sic] point to battle over the story, and that perhaps his critics don’t know the full story:

Pierro, however, feels no ill will towards his accuser, telling WND:

“Did the charges being dropped make up for the anguish and hardship my family has suffered these last few weeks? No. Did the charges being dropped make up for the embarrassment I felt being arrested in front of my home? No. Did the charges being dropped replace the money I have spent dealing with this matter? No. Do I feel any ill will towards Mr. Discepolo or Channel 12? No.”

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