TV Pundit Keeps His Cool Despite Multiple Bombs Exploding Behind Him

Hey, remember Syria? Yeah. Bombs are still exploding there during an intense civil war. Two of those such bombs went off Sunday night right behind a political analyst as he pontificated for a live television news show.

While conducting a remote interview with an Iraqi news station, Syrian political analyst Hussam Shoaib experiences the force of two car bomb explosions behind him. Syrian state news agency SANA reports that a double car bombing targeted its state television headquarters in the capital city of Damascus.

When the first bomb go off, Shoaib barely moves, makes a bewildered face, and then asks his interviewer to continue on with the questioning. The second explosion is even greater, with a bright yellow flash visible behind Shoaib. He leans forward in his chair, makes an uncomfortable face, but once again carries on with the interview.

“We ask God for your safety, Mr. Shoaib. Thanks, God, for your safety,” the interviewer reportedly said after confirming his guest was alright. Shoaib removes his earpiece and exits the set.

Watch below:

[h/t TheBlaze]

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