TV Reporter Speaks Out to Fox About Why He Quit After ‘Young Black Men’ Comment

Sean Bergin, the New Jersey reporter who was suspended and got his pay docked (then quit) for a brief commentary he made about young black men, spoke out for the first time on Fox News tonight, telling Megyn Kelly why he quit and why he felt the need to speak out in that way. Bergin was bringing attention to an “anti-cop mentality” in the black community and said, “The underlying cause of all of this, of course: Young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”

Bergin explained that he knew perfectly well what he was doing and was just “trying to add some context and balance” to the story after getting such vitriolic pushback. He said both cops and viewers sent angry comments his way for the station’s decision to give airtime to the wife of a cop-killer.

Bergin said there’s a clear link between fatherless young men and an “utter disrespect for authority.” Kelly asked if this was “ideological termination,” but Bergin dismissed that, as he has no evidence of such.

You can watch the video here, via Fox News:

And here’s his original comments, via News 12 NJ:

[image via screengrab]

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