TV Station Gets Incredibly Up Close and Personal for Testicular Exam


Yesterday, The Today Show had Willie Geist and Carson Daly undergo testicular exams on the air. They did this to raise awareness about men’s health issues and checking for testicular cancer. Both men went behind a closed door for the actual exam and no footage was shown on the air.

Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth that would be an issue. Well, the British channel ITV’s morning show, This Morning, decided on a live testicular exam too. And they showed the exam live on-air, and did not censor it in the slightest.

Overall, it was a very serious and important segment about testicular cancer and how to test for it, but some viewers were a bit put off by seeing someone’s testicles so close up on television. The overall reaction was mixed:

You can watch the segment here (WARNING: GRAPHIC), via ITV:

And for contrast, you can watch the Today Show segment here, via NBC:

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