comScore Analytics Show Trump's Tweets Are Plummeting in Impact

Twitter Come Down? Morning Joe Illustrates How Trump’s Tweets Are Plummeting in Impact

Morning Joe held a discussion on Wednesday over new indications that President Donald Trump‘s tweets are losing their shock value.

Over the weekend, Axios released a chart graphing how Trump has tweeting even more than usual lately, and yet, the interaction he gets on his Twitter feed has been on a steady decline ever since his election. Axios explained that the falling engagement rates could be the result of Trump wearing out Twitter’s novelty as a political tool, or alternatively, that he tweets so much and repeats the same messages so many times that individual proclamations are less likely to have an impact.

When Morning Joe asked economic analyst Steve Rattner to break this down, he said Trump is on track to tweet an average of 20 times per day, but interactions with his tweets are still dropping. He used Trump’s attacks on Robert Mueller as a case study before assessing that Trump’s favorite subject on Twitter is railing against “fake news.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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