Twitter Loses Its Mind Over Man Refusing Vaccines After Hospitalization for Covid, Pneumonia: ‘This is What a Death Cult Looks Like’


A great many news watchers were shocked and disturbed after CBS interviewed a hospital patient who was seriously ill after catching the coronavirus, but still refuses to be vaccinated against it.

As House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) joins the list of Americans who are at least partially vaccinated from Covid, CBS’s David Begnaud delivered a report from a Baton Rouge on Wednesday while case numbers are still surging in Louisiana. Begnaud interviewed several of the Covid patients recently admitted to Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, one of whom was Scott Roe, who caught Covid and then came down with pneumonia.

“Am I going to get a vaccine? No,” Roe said. “Because there’s too many issues with these vaccines.”

Begnaud asked Roe if he would’ve taken the vaccine if it would’ve prevented his ordeal.

“No. I would have gone through this, yes sir,” Roe said. “Don’t shove it down my throat. That’s what local, state, federal administration is trying to do, shove it down your throat.”

“What are they shoving? The science?” Begnaud asked.

“No they’re shoving the fact that that’s their agenda,” said Roe.

Begnaud then provided Roe (a Republican) with Scalise’s statement calling the vaccine “safe and effective.” Roe’s reaction: “not proven,” adding his opinion is unchanged.

Roe’s refusal to get inoculated, even to protect his own health, provides a stark example of how deeply anti-vaccine sentiment goes among certain parts of the American population. His interview ended up making the rounds on Twitter, where loads of people were outraged and terrified by the connotations of this sentiment.

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