Twitter Pleads With John McCain to Stop ‘Speaking in Riddles’ During Comey Hearing

During former FBI director James Comey’s gripping and highly-publicized hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding his meetings with President Donald Trump, Sen. John McCain gave a confusing and rambling line of questioning.

The Republican Senator from Arizona, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, grilled Comey on the investigations into Hillary Clinton and Trump’s election campaign, apparently pointing out a double standard given the FBI’s closing of the Clinton investigation.

The Senator, who has been a stalwart opponent of Trump on the Republican side of the aisle since the president’s 2016 campaign, also seemingly implied that Clinton’s campaign may have colluded with Russia to sabotage her own campaign.

The rambling line of questioning, launched at the end of the hearing, perplexed not just Comey, but also the discerning commentators of the Twitterverse. To rubberneck the exchange in its agonizing entirety, skip to the bottom for a full video of McCain’s performance.

[image via screengrab]

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