Two CNN Anchors Try, But Fail, To Get Florida Governor Rick Scott To Answer Their Question

Maybe Florida Governor Rick Scott should’ve been better prepared for a debt ceiling discussion with two morning news anchors–who both happen to be business correspondents. But on CNN’s American Morning Wednesday, Scott deflected a series of pointed questions from Christine Romans, and when co-host Ali Velshi jumped in, tag-team style, Scott stuck to his talking points. It was a refreshingly tense and entertaining interview, even if the anchors couldn’t get any of their direct questions answered.

Scott, who’s argued that he would not vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, insisted repeatedly that the problem–in his eyes–is making sure the nation doesn’t spend more. “We cannot continue to borrow money,” he said. Romans pressed, saying that new borrowing’s not what a debt ceiling authorization would mean. “Raising the debt ceiling, that’s paying for what Congress has already spent.” When Scott continued to suggest the problem was spending more, Velshi jumped in.

“Governor, I’m not understanding. Christine’s probably asked you this four times already. We’re not talking about spending more money. We’re talking about paying the bills you already committed to. Why is this difficult for you to understand, Governor?”

Watch it here, from CNN:

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