Two Missing After A Barge Hit a Tourist Duck Boat In Philadelphia

Scary news out of Philadelphia today after a tourist Duck Boat was hit by a barge on the Delaware River. The boat contained 35 passengers and two crew members and, as of this posting, two people are still missing. Officials and boats from the Coast Guard and both police and fire departments are on the scene trying to help victims.

In the clip below, CNN’s Rick Sanchez speaks, over the phone, to a woman who saw the accident from the shore. She says the Duck Boat was apparently stalled in the water and couldn’t get out of the way of the oncoming tug boat and barge. Once the barge hit it, the witness explains, the Duck Boat “vanished” underwater for around 10 seconds before passengers (thankfully wearing life jackets) began to reappear on the surface. Sanchez also talks to a representative from the Coast Guard who discusses the rescue operation.

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