U.S. Ambassador to Russia: ‘No Doubt’ Russia is Bugging Me

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Mike McFaul told Meet the Press’ David Gregory that Russia had capacious (and legal) surveillance capabilities, and that not only had he been bugged but that American visitors should expect the same if they visit the country.

“As we remind all Americans that come to this country,” McFaul said, “the Russian government has tremendous capabilities, and legal by their law, of intercepting phone calls, emails, etc.”

“There is no doubt that I am a primary subject of interest,” he added. “They have also leaked conversations I thought were private. That’s just the state of working in Russia.”

McFaul went on to condemn the leaking of a tape—possibly by Russian officials—of an American diplomat saying “F*ck the EU” that caused some embarrassment earlier this week.

Watch the full clip below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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