U.S. Conducts More Airstrikes Overnight: 1 in Syria, 4 in Iraq

Last night, the United States and their Arab allies launched five more airstrikes against ISIS infrastructure — four based in Iraq, and one in Syria.

Unlike yesterday’s airstrikes, which also targeted the al Qaeda-affiliated Khorasan group, today’s airstrikes were against specific ISIS targets, including a “staging” area for the terrorist group in Syria. “We’re going to an offensive campaign,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Brooke Baldwin this morning on CNN. “We’re not going to be constrained by the border between Iraq and Syria as we do this.”

He added that the conflict was far from over — quite far:

I think we need to steal ourselves. Certainly here in the military we’re stealing ourselves for a long conflict. I couldn’t give you a certain date on the calendar, when it will be over. But the guidance we’ve been given, to that we’ve been given are crystal clear: We’re going to degrade, destroy, and defeat ISIL. That could take years and we’re preparing ourselves for that length of time and that effort.

More as this develops…

Watch a segment of the interview below via CNN:

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