Most Trusted Name In News: CNN Announces New Reality Series, 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz

Beginning on August 27th, CNN will air HBO’s Emmy-winning, four-part reality series 24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz. The series offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of professional boxers Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz, all leading up to HBO’s September 17th pay-per-view match against the two.

The first episode will air on HBO on Saturday, August 27 at 10 pm ET/PT, followed by CNN’s airing at midnight.

Wait… what? While documentary-style reality shows are pretty much always a sure bet, (and the series is narrated by Liev Schreiber, who is handsome) we have to admit that this seems like a rather odd choice of programming for CNN, particularly since it essentially leads up to a big event on another network. CNN is viewed as the arbiter of news (Its slogans include “The Worldwide Leader in News,” “CNN = Politics,” “The Best Political Team on Television,” “CNN = Money”, and “Go Beyond Borders”) and, now, a network that always takes the high road is airing a documentary leading up to a pay-per-view fight? As a result, the network’s mission comes across as… confused.

We asked CNN, you know, “Hey, so why this show?” This is what a network spokesperson told us:

It’s compelling story-telling and we are pleased to have the opportunity to share it with our audience.

Here’s a teaser for the series (which, again, will air on both HBO and CNN) to whet your appetite:

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