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Undercover Fox Report Finds Company Refusing to Serve ‘Colored’ People from ‘Mount Ghetto’

An undercover report by Denver’s Fox affiliate found a local heating and cooling company refused to serve minority people from a particular zip code.

After receiving a tip from an employee of Mile High Heating and Cooling, KDVR-TV sent an undercover producer to apply for a job and investigate claims of racial discrimination. As hidden camera video shows, the incognito reporter was told that the northeastern Denver neighborhood of Montbello was designated as “never call.”

Asked why the company does not go there, KDVR footage shows a manager named “Andrea” explaining that it is a “colored” neighborhood — “We call it ‘Mount Ghetto,'” she added with a chuckle — where people do not pay their bills.

KDVR found a black woman from Montbello to demonstrate an attempt to call Mile High for service from that neighborhood; her call was not returned. But the television station called shortly thereafter, stating a different zip code, and was immediately offered service.

“It blows my mind. Who would do something like that?” the woman, Pam Jiner, told KDVR. Single out a race and a community?”

The company’s father-son owners, Kevin and Kasey Dykman, told the Fox station on Thursday that “Insensitive comments, or anything that goes against our culture of respect and inclusion, is simply not tolerated,” and that the manager from the video has been fired.

Watch the report below, via KDVR:

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[Image via KDVR/screengrab]

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