Unedited Interview Reveals O’Reilly Factor Pulled No Punches From Jon Stewart Interview

Last night Fox News posted the full and unedited version of the most recent interview, between Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart. But unlike the last Stewart appearance on The Factor, in which several of his most pointed critiques directed at Fox News were edited out of the segments that aired, the unedited version of this week’s interview reveals that O’Reilly Factor kept the best and most trenchant commentary of the entire segment that ended up on air. Kudos!

Though they may fundamentally disagree on many topics, O’Reilly and Stewart appear to genuinely like and respect each other, which is just one of the reasons why interviews between the two cable news giants are so entertaining. But perhaps more importantly, they can disagree without being disagreeable despite their seeming desire to stay true to their very different and loyal audiences.

The actual taped interview appears to clock in just under 30 minutes in length, and watching the interview unedited and in its entirety reveals a flow that as lost in versions that aired (that was understandably cut for time.) The most significant portion missing, however, was the continued jokes about The Weather Girls, singers of Its Raining Men, a group that O’Reilly appeared to (jokingly) defend.

Watch the entire interview below, courtesy of Fox News.

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