Unlikely Media Feuds: Univisión’s Top Sports Host Chides Chuck Todd For Soccer Report

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is likely very accustomed to criticism for his politics from all sides– after all, that’s what the job entails. What he perhaps wasn’t expecting this morning is that Fernando Fiore, host of the most popular sports show on Univisión, took umbrage at his report on the President’s schedule, in which he jokingly promised never to talk about soccer again.

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The offending segment was a look at President Obama’s schedule for the day, which included welcoming the Major League Soccer champions, the LA Galaxy. This seemed to confuse Todd a bit, in jest. “As you can see, he… welcomes the Major League Soccer champions?” he notes timidly, “All you LA Galaxy fans out there– does this mean Beckham shows up? I’m not sure. Is he really a member of the Galaxy or not?” He then promises as he cuts to break “no more soccer references.”

Fiore happened to be watching MSNBC and also near the Twitter machine, and while this aired, he tweeted (in Spanish): “I am watching MSNBC and the commentary from a Mr. Chuck Todd over the LA Galaxy White House visit is deprecating. Why? Ignorance.” He was not any more conciliatory when he found Todd on Twitter:

Todd hasn’t responded, and given that he seems to barely know who David Beckham is, it would be shocking if he knew Fernando Fiore. But it’s a fascinating story for many reasons, primary among them the power of social media to connect in contention worlds that would otherwise never have reason to meet. The sheer number of people that would, in significant circles, be considered “celebrities” that Twitter holds is more formidable that most other forums in history– and that doesn’t just mean Jose Canseco spreading Al Gore death rumors or J-Woww (who boasts two Bachelor’s degrees, according to her) calling Bristol Palin uneducated. It crosses lines of culture and language beyond the entertainment classes, joining otherwise parallel worlds in trying to figure out who the other person is. It is as likely that fans of República Deportiva, the sports show Fiore now hosts, know nothing of Todd’s work as a senior political reporter following the highest levels of American government. Conversely, those who would recognize Todd as a household name couldn’t tell you about Fernando Fiore’s 90s prank show Lente Loco or tell you an old travel show he hosted was the first time Sofia Vergara got national exposure in the United States. But now that they’re mutually aware of each other (at least we assume Todd has seen the tweet), we can only hope an informational soccer workshop, at least, is in the works for the two.

The clip with which the outrage began via MSNBC below:

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