comScore Valerie Jarrett Says Obama Would Have Been Impeached ‘In a Nanosecond’ if He Acted Like Trump

Valerie Jarrett Says Obama Would Have Been Impeached ‘In a Nanosecond’ if He Acted Like Trump

Former White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett said her former boss, then-President Barack Obama, would have been impeached “in a nanosecond” if he had acted like President Donald Trump does.

On Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Signal Boost show, hosts Zerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh — both former senior campaign aides to Hillary Clinton — welcomed Jarrett, and asked her to weigh in on the current dilemma that Democrats seem to think they face in impeaching Trump.

“If President Obama had done half of the things and said half of the things that President Trump is saying, even as recently as this morning, would he have been impeached, and how long do you think it would have taken?” Maxwell asked.

“About a nanosecond,” Jarrett replied, to laughter from the hosts. “Yes, I think that the standards have slipped dramatically, and there’s no earthly way President Obama could have gotten away with any of this.”

“Not just the words and the content,” she continued, “but just the policy reversals and what we’re doing to the fabric of our country. I don’t think any of that would have been acceptable to the Republicans had it come from President Obama.”

“Do you think that impeaching or not impeaching is the right question to be asking right now?” McIntosh asked.

“No, I actually don’t,” Jarrett said. “What I’m motivated by is, what are we going to do to get people engaged in improving our democracy?”

“And I’m so deeply troubled, Jess, by the fact that 43% of eligible Americans did not vote in the last election,” she continued. “So last summer, Mrs. Obama and I started a new organization called When We All Vote. It’s nonpartisan because I just think we have to change the culture in our country around voting. Right now, the energy tends to be at the extreme and special interests dominate the day, and if everybody voted, that wouldn’t be the case. We would be able to hold our elected officials accountable.”

“Right now, in my opinion, the Republicans are just kind of, they’ve lost their soul and their grounding,” Jarrett said. “I don’t even recognize this Republican party anymore. They’re willing to tolerate just about anything for the sake of getting reelected, means that we have to do something to ensure that they don’t get reelected.”

Watch the clip above, via SiriusXM.

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