Valerie Jarrett To Fox Business: Job Bill Will Be Paid For By ‘Closing Loopholes’

Speaking with Fox Business Network ahead of tonight’s speech, Senior Obama Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, told Peter Barnes that the President will “close loopholes” in his much anticipated jobs bill. “We need to make sure that people that are paying their fair share; that those who can most afford to pay a little bit more do,” she said, adding that, “This should not be controversial.”

Deferring rumors of a $400 billion price-tag, she said, “I will let the President discuss the details this evening.” She was clear, however, that the bill will be fully paid for:

“The President will be setting up a bill next week. In that bill will be the details of the legislation as well as how he intends to pay for it.”

Jarrett emphasized that the bill would have immediate effect, creating jobs and providing tax benefits, and sounded confident that it would be well received:

“The goal of the American Jobs Act is to create jobs right now. It will be fully paid for. We are going to create a wide range of jobs. There will be a range of tax benefits for small businesses and start-ups. The important message is we need to act now and that is what the President will be calling on congress to do. There are programs in the package that have received bipartisan support in the past. This should not be controversial.”

President Obama will speak tonight at 7PM.

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