Van Jones Slams Trump for Making Roseanne Controversy About Himself: ‘At Least Try to Speak to the Pain’

On Wednesday, CNN’s Van Jones responded to President Donald Trump’s tweet kvetching that ABC’s Bob Iger apologized to Valerie Jarrett after Roseanne Barr‘s tweetstorm but did not apologize to him for “the horrible statements made and said about me on ABC.”

Speaking during a panel on The Lead With Jake Tapper, Jones was asked about Trump using the moment to try to make a case for media bias against him.

Jones started by acknowledging that media bias is a real issue.

He then continued on: “But this is an opportunity for the president to talk about a different kind of bias which is racial bias against African Americans who have been routinely and repeatedly referred to as animals, as apes, as monkeys, for a couple of centuries now.”

“He once again never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to lead,” he then stressed, speaking of Trump.

Jones then added that “You would expect the president of the United States to at least try to speak to the pain that was caused by this horrific comment.”

He ended by praising Jarrett.

“And by the way, Valerie Jarrett is somebody I worked for. I know her personally. She is a class act. And she should never have been subjected to that kind of comment. Nobody should. To go after someone like her was beyond the pale, Jones said. “I’m glad ABC took appropriate action.”

The Federalist‘s Mary Katherine Ham then agreed that “sure” Trump could have used it as an opportunity but “he’s interested in whipping this up. He’s interested in speaking to the people defending Roseanne.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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