Van Jones Surprised by NASCAR Banning Confederate Flags: ‘Something Has Touched the Conscience of the Human Species’


Van Jones admitted on CNN Wednesday he was pleasantly surprised to see NASCAR announcing bans of all Confederate flags.

Jones first responded to White House advisor Larry Kudlow saying there’s no systemic racism in the United States. He said there needs to be reckoning in the Republican party because “some of their policies have been good for African-Americans, but their rhetoric has not all too often, and their understanding is sometimes too shallow.”

He commended Tim Scott in particular for being a loud Republican voice on these issues and said people like Kudlow should be listening.

At one point Erin Burnett also brought up the NASCAR announcement, and Jones said it absolutely floored him:

“It was stunning. I was on a Zoom call… and I looked down on my phone, and it said that NASCAR is going to get rid of the Confederate flags. I literally did a double take. I’m like, ‘Am I awake? Is this real?’ I mean, NASCAR is, you know, Confederate flag-friendly, I’ll put it that way, most of the time. Good folks, hard-working folks, but it’s not a bastion of racial justice or agitation by any stretch. And yet something has touched the conscience of the human species when you see a lynching — and that’s what that was. We’ve been lynched for 400 years here. But nobody — at no point could a billion people see it at the same time on their cell phones. And something has touched the conscience of the nation, of the human species, and NASCAR says we don’t want to aid and abet any of the ugly history and present, we want to move in a different direction. When NASCAR is saying that, I think Kudlow might reconsider his position. There must be something really wrong in America for this many people to be now coming together around a painful table to have a new discussion.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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